Sustainable environmental performance

We are operating our business with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers, employees , society and environment. Our environmental policy and standards apply to all our activities and aim to integrate environmental considerations into all major decisions.

We are proud of our non-GMO products. We are only using non-GMO raw materials in order to provide a 100% natural, non-GMO citric acid to all of our customers.

Our products are ecologically safe and made through fermentation based processes, based on renewable carbohydrate sources. All products are biodegradable. Being biodegradable and ecologically safe, all of our co-products are being used in agriculture and construction. This way we close the loop of renewable raw materials.

We focus on using energy more efficiently, reducing our emissions and using water efficiently, all of which is good for the environment, our customers , communities and our business.

Water is a key component used for producing citric acid. Aware of how precious water is in our local community, Citrique Belge is treating surface water for specific use and is reusing water to the highest extent.  This way, groundwater is kept for use by the local community. We operate a state of the art wastewater treatment plan and strive for optimal recycling of all waste flows.

Our internal compliance audit program assures compliance with our environmental and food safety/defense, quality and health and safety management.

By continuously adapting to a changing economic and social environment, we make sure we are a sustainable, competitive and profitable company. This to the benefit of our business partners, our employees and the local community in which we operate.