Citric acid, sodium citrates and citric acid solutions are produced in line with the highest standards in the food and pharmaceutical industry. They invariably meet the requirements of the various specifications and tests under EP, USP, JP and FCC.

All processes and tasks have been set down in GMP rules. These rules are based on legal and customer requirements. These GMP rules are supplemented by HACCP, where, by means of a risk analysis, the critical parameters are defined that may affect product quality and food safety, which are being monitored by means of a management plan.

Citric acid from Citrique Belge always meets the highest quality for any specifications. We pay special attention to the purity of the supplied citric acid. The use of a specific test of physical purity guarantees a pure product of the very highest quality. In this way, we guarantee a problem-free use of citric acid by our customers.

Quality begins with well-trained staff. All processes within Citrique Belge are carried out by qualified staff. Quality in the shape of GMP rules and HACCP principles constitutes an intrinsic part of this training.

The supervision of the process begins as early as the raw materials. The choice of the right raw materials based on worked-out specifications and an elaborate supplier assessment reduces possible risks to an absolute minimum. Further tests of raw materials, auxiliary goods and packing materials guarantee quality. The production processes of fermentation, isolation, refinery and the production of co-products are continuously monitored by process analyses.

A group of specifically trained laboratory staff carries out, at the end of the production process, the final-product analyses and guarantees conformity with all specifications and customer requirements, jointly with the quality assurance department.