Another new application for our citric acid!

mar 16-02-2021

We are constantly getting information about new uses for our citric acid. One of the most recent developments has to do with the Covid pandemic and disinfection. At the end of last year we came into contact with the Belgian-Luxembourg company Molecular Plasma Group. They produce machines to apply a thin layer to, among other things, face masks and are aware of the disinfecting effect of citric acid. By adding a thin layer of citric acid in the filter layer of the face masks, they could eliminate up to 99.9% of the virus particles.

We provided them with the necessary citric acid and our experts advise and assist the company about our product and its optimization for the required use.

In the meantime, 150 million face masks have already been produced with our citric acid and the first article about this was published in "De Tijd" on 16 February: