Day after day, Citrique Belge’s enthusiastic and professional workforce operates to supply customers with citric acid or related co-products, according to order and schedule. We do so by applying state-of-the-art methods and technologies, willing to remaining the highly competitive global market leader for both quality and reliability. Furthermore, all our efforts are aimed at an entirely safe production and working environment, minimum environmental impact, and a good relationship with our neighbours. This means that we at Citrique Belge endeavour to provide  added value to our customers.

Our Product Range

Citric acid is being used as a flavour enhancer in soft drinks, fruit juices, sweets, preserves and gelatine products. It also serves as an antioxidant in prepared meat products and canned fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, citric acid stabilises the pH level of effervescent tablets, preserves, gelatine and cleaning agents. It is used as the binding agent in soft detergents and it also bonds with the heavy metals in foodstuffs.

Its production process also yields a number of co-products, which are being sold for commercial use. For instance, the fluid remaining after fermentation is marketed under the brand name Citrocol, as a binding agent for animal feed. Its extremely low potassium content also helps to make the feed tastier. The mycelium – as the remains of the fermentation spore are known – has a high protein content, and is therefore ideal for use as an animal feed. The potassium salt extracted from the residues is highly regarded as a fertiliser, and is supplied to the agricultural sector under the brand name Syngenite. And finally, there is Citrogips, which is supplied to the industrial sector for such applications as the filler in cement, as filtering agent in the foodstuffs industry, and for various medical applications.


A company is as strong as the people who work there. This is why we at Citrique Belge hold our workforce in high regard. Openness, honesty and trust therefore serve as the foundations for our labour relations.

In addition, we invest in the further development of knowledge and skills.

Safety and health

We actively seek to create an accident and incident-free working environment. This is pursued by such means as implementing unambiguous regulations and making all the necessary equipment and tools readily available. The management and workforce readily point out one another’s responsibilities in terms of conduct and attitude towards care for health and safety.

Planet: Our environment

We are fully aware of the need for public support for our production activities, with a view to ensuring the continuity of our licence to operate. We therefore endeavour to minimize any impact on the environment. We do so by utilising environmentally friendly production processes, complying with internal regulations and external rules and legislation, making use of natural resources and energy sources in the most efficient way  and generally acting as a good neighbour in the local community .